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Our culture is outward-oriented, be it in space or in time. Out there is where everything happens. But suddenly, despite our arrogance, a microscopic creature has put us on the ropes, driving us to relive situations that we thought were behind us, a thing of the distant past. Yet here we are, in lockdown, living in the absolute present. Now what?

We still have our home, our shelter in these uncertain times. And there are two options: either we sit around fretting about our dashed plans, or we can see this period of inevitable calm to go back to some of those projects we had set aside for a better occasion. Well, the right moment may be now. This may be the time to get closer to our loved ones or recover shared activities. It may be the right time to read one of those books that have been waiting on the shelf, to organize the closets… or to try out that recipe that Mom or a friend gave us, or that we saw on a food channel and have been meaning to cook quite a while.

Now is the time for all of that. For example, it’s the time to inhabit the kitchen, because during this period of reclusion, there is no better place for getting together, sipping a cup of tea, sharing recipes or tips on FaceTime with someone who is far away, telling each other anecdotes and sharing memories –ultimately, for recovering the pulse of family life. And now that we have the time, why not think about how to improve this gathering place, which now is more important than ever? A different color for the back wall? Some ergonomic new accessories? Or… a partial or complete kitchen renovation?

Nothing could be better than to gather together where the home fires are burning –either in the form of gas or of induction heat, because, as we know, ever since the beginning of time, the warmest place in the home has always been the kitchen.

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