Gazing out to the Bay of Palma

Bulthaup event in Mallorca

That October morning in Palma de Mallorca started out clear at daybreak, although a few scattered clouds filtered the early light as a shelter from the warm autumn sun. The event, organized by bulthaup Iberia, was to be held again at the Architects’ Association building, a magnificent seventeenth-century palace standing at the edge of the city walls overlooking the sea, near the Bishop’s Palace and the grand Cathedral.

Architecture, art and… cocktails

Following the initial greeting and a description of the history and artistic highlights of the palace that houses the Architect’s Association, the guests proceeded to the exhibition gallery. Mallorcan painter Rafa Forteza spoke about one of his pieces, while the renowned mixologist Rafa Martín prepared a cocktail inspired by Forteza’s work. Next, a video screening offered the group an insider’s view of the artist’s creative process.

Bulthaup event in Mallorca

The Medieval roots of Santi Taura’s cuisine

Having fulfilled the needs of the soul, the time had come for the pleasures of the palate. A soft breeze had swept away the few high clouds and the sun shone strong in a serene sky, while the Bay of Palma glimmered lazily under the rays of sunlight, unfolding its best finery. Hats were handed out to those on the terrace while chef Santi Taura, who has spent years tracing back the Medieval Arab, Jewish, and Christian roots of Balearic cuisine, described the back story of each dish on the menu.

Bulthaup event in Mallorca

A memorable afternoon

The long table on the promenade atop the city walls set the scene for utter enjoyment. The back-and-forth of conversations and good cheer prevailed throughout the meal. In addition, a birthday was being celebrated -that of Gabriel Nicolau, one of our ambassadors in Mallorca- only adding to the festive, communal spirit. Le Carromato’s music enhanced the atmosphere with their eclectic style, spanning traditions from the Old and the New World.

The guests were still at the table when they suddenly spotted a spectacular sunset. Not until the first signs of nightfall did they reluctantly rise to say their goodbyes. A delightful day in which, once again, the fine, calm autumn weather seemed to team up as bulthaup’s secret ally.

Bulthaup event in Mallorca

Photographer: Adrian Pedrazas Profumo

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