The new bulthaup Madrid Claudio Coello showroom

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After many years as a leading player in the contemporary design world in Barcelona, bulthaup Barcelona decided to set up a venue in Madrid. The new showroom, with a team led by Quinita Cotorruelo, opened in early 2018 on Calle Claudio Coello 17, near the Puerta de Alcalá and the El Retiro Park.

A weightless space

The new showroom's 250 m2 architectural space designed by Estudio Vilablanch and conceived as an airy, open-plan environment offers a thorough overview of the bulthaup world. The two floors in its split layout, both visible from the outside, are accessed directly from the entrance-level mezzanine platform. The space unfolds creating an atmosphere of weightlessness which is heightened by the light finishes on the surfaces: white walls throughout and the recurrent use of light oak wood for the main staircase and certain elements of the furnishings.

bulthaup madrid team
bulthaup madrid showroom

bulthaup’s full range of possibilities

bulthaup Madrid Claudio Coello succeeds in effectively showcasing the variety which the brand has to offer. Passersby looking in from the street level see two b2 workbenches and one b solitaire in the foreground of the huge shop window, highlighting bulthaup's most versatile elements.

The lower level, a loft space with a working kitchen in grey hues set next to a dining and a living area, recreates an enveloping home-like environment –the perfect setting for informal meetings with clients and for holding events.

In contrast, the upper floor displays the bulthaup brand as we have come to know it best: clean lines and utter simplicity. A luminous b3 kitchen with a platinum grey lacquer finish and a contrasting oak bar offers the perfect embodiment of design pared down to the essentials –the hallmark of the bulthaup brand. This space leads to the offices, an open work area, and a meeting room with a more intimate, secluded atmosphere.


Encounters with bulthaup b Solitaires

One of the most distinctive elements in the new showroom are the b Solitaires. The image that first strikes visitors approaching the store is the oak b Solitaire in the shop window. Downstairs, on the lower level, the dining area is presided over by an impressive b Solitaire table with a solid oak top and its characteristic matte black aluminum frame, complemented with a stainless steel Solitaire unit standing nearby. All these elements highlight their extraordinary versatility for personalizing each individual living space.

claudio coello bulthaup
bulthaup madrid

bulthaup brings people together

In addition to offering an outstanding presentation of the bulthaup product range, in scarcely over a year, the new showroom has succeeded in becoming a meeting point for contemporary architecture and design in Madrid. Events fill the store with art, gatherings, lectures and, needless to say, culinary experiences. bulthaup Madrid Claudio Coello implements the brand's inspiring idea of creating spaces for bringing people together and generating synergies around the kitchen.

Photographer: Matios

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