A peaceful palette

When the owners of this house near the seaside decided to renovate in order to join their two adjacent properties into one single residence, they realized they were facing a true challenge. The outcome, designed by MLMR Architecture Consultancy, is a spacious five-bedroom home with a large terrace and an ample central space that connects the living room, the dining area, the breakfast and pantry area, and the kitchen with extraordinary grace.

In collaboration with the architects, bulthaup Pamplona succeeded in configuring the last two spaces in this sequence with a balanced combination of elements in shades of white, light grey and natural wood. In the breakfast and pantry area, the tall bulthaup b3 units finished with a planked apple wood veneer exhibit a rich range of grains and colors; they are set across from a long natural oak bench and a breakfast table, both by bulthaup, which lead towards the entrance to the kitchen, reinforcing the connection between the two spaces. The oak flooring, present throughout the entire home, continues to convey a sense of warmth inside the kitchen, where the bulthaup b1 units with a sand grey lacquer finish heighten the abundant natural light. A line of base units with a water point, located under the windows, allows its users’ gaze to wander off into the treetops. Set at a straight angle to this line, a large island with a cooking hob prevails in the central space.


Sand beige, almost white. Apple wood, oak. Green shimmering outside the windows. And further up, the blue sky. The renovation succeeded in fulfilling its goal: the house by the sea is a harbor of peace.

Photos by Pablo García Esparza.


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