Serenity and oneness

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The Niño Jesús neighborhood, just a few steps away from the El Retiro Park, is the location of the light-filled apartment where bulthaup Madrid Claudio Coello worked on the interior design project in collaboration with Homu Homes.

The thorough renovation of the home for a couple with two children was aimed at fulfilling all the requirements of family life.


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The center of domestic life

One of the clients’ requests was to turn the kitchen into the center of their home -a comfortable, inviting space, the point where the family would gather every day at mealtimes- while also connecting it with the living room area. This link was achieved with sliding doors made of fabric-laminated glass which make it possible to separate or connect the kitchen as desired, creating an organic whole in which the different areas are articulated by means of a light tunnel that crosses the apartment from end to end.

The resulting kitchen is a rectangular space with the sliding door at one of its ends, connecting it with the living room; the opposite end opens onto a glassed-in terrace with a dining area. Along the long sides of the rectangle, the bulthaup b3 kitchen units accentuate the interior perspectives. One of the lines of wall units, finished in beige aluminum with a clay-colored laminate worktop, houses the kitchen and water points, while the line on the opposite wall includes the storage and appliance units in a gravel-hued laminate finish. Since both the owners are passionate about natural cooking, this area includes neither a microwave nor a conventional oven –just a steam oven.

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An all-encompassing concept

This interplay of perspectives, jointly with the natural light pouring in from both ends of the space, is perfectly attuned to the rest of the home. The fluid transition, both in aesthetic and functional terms, conveys a sense of harmonious unity, a restful atmosphere for the senses in which the serenity of warm hues prevails.

In collaboration with: Homu Homes

Photographer: Matios

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