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Internal fittings
Clarity in every detail

Wooden boxes bring order to the inner life of b1 and create a harmonious setting

The sensuous appearance of birch continues the quality and pure essence of bulthaup b1 on the inside. Drawers and pull-outs create a structured interior for storing food, kitchen utensils, crockery, and cutlery. Everything comes together to form an organic and, visual harmony. 

Easy access due to different height drawers behind the cabinet door
Modular shelves as a tailor-made storage surface and versatile expansion of the storage space

Base units

A sense of balance

Behind the clear and white front, pull-outs and drawers made from veneered birch create a warm contrast. By simply pulling the drawer or pull-out toward you, everything inside is clearly visible and in reach. Alternatively, shelves can structure the interior.

Premium-crafted boxes made from light wood for customizable storage space
Wooden box with side openings for easy removal from the drawers and comfortable transportation

Wooden boxes

The art of combining

Solid wooden boxes complement the interior features. Their craftsman-made, perfectly dovetailed finish is truly eye-catching. Originally designed as dividers for the pull-outs, the wooden boxes can also be used on the worktop.

All kitchen hand tools find their place in the drawers' organization system

Drawer features

Pure simplicity and order

A selection of versatile inserts is available for dividing and creating orderly storage. With wooden boxes and inserts for knives and spice jars, planning for the optimal internal organization of drawers and pull-outs is pure simplicity.

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