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bulthaup b1 represents a focus on the essentials

b1 always in white, characterized by the visually striking worktop and understated front panels free of handles

Many things in life can be made easier and better through intelligent minimization. bulthaup b1 follows this principle with its purist, ergonomic design. People can focus on the important things in life: The enjoyment of family and friends. Your bulthaup b1 is made up of structurally separate elements: The kitchen island, the wall line, and the tall unit block. The focus on the essentials also implies the deliberate use of just a few, high-quality materials and selected colors. The straight-lines continue on into the inside, and everything comes together to create an organic and complete whole.

Bar element  in natural ash makes the island the social gathering place of the b1 kitchen


A place for work and conversation

Cooking and conversing with friends and family at the same time: With a kitchen island, you face the people in the room. The island supports numerous functions, such as the water point and cooktop. It provides a working area for preparing and cooking as well as efficient and adequate storage space.

Wall line comprises of base cabinets and a shelf with sliding frosted glass front panels
The open design of the wall line is apparent when viewed from the side

Wall line

A stand-alone piece of furniture

Thanks to its sculpture-like appearance, you can position the bulthaup b1 wall line unit free-standing against a wall; its self-contained form makes this possible. The basic functions of the kitchen can also be integrated. 

Appliances can be visibly integrated or discreetly installed behind the doors of the tall cabinet

Tall unit

An efficient use of space

If you need more storage space – for example, to integrate built-in appliances – b1 can grow upward to accommodate your wishes. Even ceiling-height solutions are possible. The planning takes into account your personal ergonomic and architectural situation. 

The edge of the drawer front angles down to create a natural and ergonomic handle. Link: Learn more about the handle system

Forms and functions

Coming together to create a single unit

Form and function are inseparable with bulthaup. They co-exist in a balanced relationship. The characteristic appearance of bulthaup b1 confirms this. Every detail expresses the combination of a simple use of form with carefully thought-out functionality.

Warmth on the inside: wooden drawers with organization system. Link: Available organization elements for b1

Internal fittings

Clarity in every detail

The clarity of the exterior is continued on the inside with simple, geometric forms. Drawers and pull-outs in sensuous birch create structure and order. The simplicity of the interior features complete bulthaup b1, creating an overall visual harmony. 

Discover the bulthaup b1 clear use of form. We can recommend a showroom near you.