bulthaup y la intemporalidad de la cocina blanca

We discover why you choose a white kitchen. A functional, light-filled kitchen where ergonomics is the guiding principle and surfaces are easy to clean.

Jordi Vilà’s Prat chicken with citrus aromas

Autumn is the perfect time to taste the exquisite stew that the renowned chef Jordi Vilà prepared for the bulthaup lunch at La Ricarda.

The magic of La Ricarda

For the third consecutive year, this extraordinary house was the stage for a gathering of partners and customers from the bulthaup community.

bulthaup featured at a new restaurant in Lisbon

bulthaup Lisboa joins chef Vincent Farges and inaugurates a new restaurant in the Portuguese capital.

bulthaup Desenhabitado, the new bulthaup showroom in Lisbon

Discover our new bulthaup store in Lisbon.

Art and Gastronomy

“Cooking is performing art, and a meal is the ancestral sculpture of mankind. Prepared food is a medium to express thoughts and feelings.” —Peter Kubelka

Wood in the kitchen: warm transitions

Wood is the most creative material in the world is growing, almost without our help, and it’s doing so in complete silence.

Carme Ruscalleda: bringing art and gastronomy together

Carme Ruscalleda, the woman with most Michelin stars in the world, tells us about the benefits does a bulthaup kitchen offer her.

The 2016 bulthaup award. Living space and narrative continuity

The jury panel for the bulthaup competition granted the award for its third edition to the RA Apartment project submitted by Francesc Rifé Studio.

Antonio Bonet, the great unsung name of modern Spanish architecture

Antonio Bonet Castellana, La Ricarda's architect, has been unfairly overlooked in modern architecture in Spain.

Marita Gomis. Remembering La Ricarda

We made an interview to Marita Gomis, one of the owners of the emblematic house Gomis, better known as La Ricarda.

Within the old city walls

Lunch "Entre murallas", a special event in the heart of Palma de Mallorca with our bulthaup partners from Mallorca and Ibiza.

Vincent Farges. Cooking and generosity

"Working in a bulthaup kitchen makes our work more efficient." - Vincent Farges.

The value of authenticity in Donostia

The bar-restaurant Kata4, the Oyster Bar (and much more) on the banks of the Urumea River has one of the most pleasant terraces of San Sebastián.

Tradition and innovation in Pamplona

Interview with Ana Sagaseta, who represents the younger generation at the head of Sagaseta, a true landmark in interior design in Pamplona.

A peaceful palette

The tall bulthaup b3 units finished with a planked apple wood veneer exhibit a rich range of grains and colors.

Andrés Rodríguez. Life is a big magazine.

"I truly admire Marc Eckert and bulthaup." - Andrés Rodríguez, Spainmedia owner.

bulthaup at the 25th anniversary of Casa Decor

Casa Decor is turning 25 this year, and bulthaup was not about to miss the celebration.