The 2017 "bulthaup | The kitchen as a living space" prize goes to Osvaldo Luppi

On January 11, the jury for the "bulthaup | the kitchen as a living space" contest had the pleasure of holding the award ceremony for the fourth edition of the competition, aimed at acknowledging the deliveries made by architects and designers from Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

The jury panel's deliberations

After several rounds of discussions held last November 20, 2017, interior designer Francesc Rifé, architect Marta García-Orte, Tania Freixanet from bulthaup Lleida, Marc Nicolau from bulthaup Palma/Nicolau and Ivan Cuní, Country Manager for Bulthaup Iberia, agreed to grant the award to the M3 House by architect Osvaldo Luppi.

Award-winning values

The jury members were particularly struck by the harmony with which the bulthaup kitchen was integrated in the project and succeeded in becoming one of its essential parts, establishing a dialogue that transcended the bulthaup standards. The kitchen—the place for sharing—is seamlessly worked into the sequence of spaces that organize the home, creating an overall living space with a timeless design.

Converging affinities

The prize, consisting of a check for 3,000 euros, was awarded at Bulthaup Iberia's recently-renovated headquarters in Barcelona, where the members of the jury and the winner were able to share a glass of cava followed by lunch: a proper celebration of the elective affinities regarding the ways to build the heart of a home.

Photographer: Adrián Pedrazas

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