The award for the 2019 “bulthaup | the kitchen as a living space” competition goes to Sandra Soler Studio

Bulthaup 2019 award "The kitchen as a living space"

Is there any better way to start the year than with an award ceremony? On January 9th, the jury panel for the “bulthaup | the kitchen as a living space” prize, which aims to highlight projects by architects and designers in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, delivered the award for the sixth edition of the competition.

The jury's deliberation

On November 28th, 2019, the members of the jury -interior designer Agnès Blanch, Esther Climent from bulthaup Valencia, architect Ramón Esteve, Fran Pérez from bulthaup Marbella, interior designer Elina Vilá, and bulthaup Iberia manager Ivan Cuní- decided to grant the prize to the "Country Home in Osona" project presented by Sandra Soler Studio.

The panel also awarded two special mentions. The first went to the "Complete Renovation of a Home in the Eixample in Barcelona", a project presented by the Nicola Tremacoldi architecture studio, and the second to the "Single-Family Home in Santa Bárbara, Valencia", by the Víctor García Martínez studio.

Winners of the bulthaup 2019 award

Outstanding values

By granting the first prize to the "Country Home in Osona”, the jury sought to highlight the sensitivity with which the project succeeds in working a contemporary kitchen into a traditional farmhouse with highly defined architectural features. It also aimed to underline the skillful choice of materials, in keeping with those already in place, and, last of all, the successful integration of the kitchen within the living space as a whole.

Special mentions

The jury panel gave the first special mention to the "Full Renovation of a Home in the Eixample in Barcelona" for its ingenious transformation of several rooms in an apartment in Barcelona's Eixample district into a single open living space, merging the living and kitchen areas. The jury also acknowledged the project's careful selection of materials and colors, perfectly attuned with the original cement floor tiling.

bulthaup awards 2019

A second special mention was also granted to the "Single-Family Home in Santa Bárbara, Valencia" project for its original use of wood and natural stone in the kitchen; for the successful and balanced modular layout of the different areas in the living space -cooking, storage, dining and living-; and for having managed to establish an organic connection between the kitchen and the outdoor area.

A gathering among friends

The award ceremony, held at the main bulthaup Iberia office in Barcelona, was attended by the jury members, as well as representatives from the winning architecture firm and those receiving the special mentions.

The relaxed atmosphere over lunch prompted everyone to share an informal exchange about the role of the kitchen in today's world as the heart of the living space.

During the meal, the different participants could talk about the role of the kitchen as a center of the living space.

Photographer: Adrian Pedrazas Profumo

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