bulthaup Madrid O’Donnell showcases the scope of the bulthaup brand

madrid o'donnell showroom

The bulthaup Madrid O’Donnell showroom, located just a few steps away from the Parque del Retiro, has featured an excellent layout of its 170 m2 split-level venue ever since it first opened in 2013. To one side of the lofty central space, with its outstandingly tall ceiling, a mezzanine offers a secluded area for meeting with clients to discuss their projects.

A sound basis

When they considered how to approach their showroom renovation, the members of the bulthaup O’Donnell team were certain that it would be best to rely on a series of elements that had proven to work beautifully: their priority was to offer clients a new presentation of the products without altering the faultless existing layout. Now passers-by stop to gaze into the huge glass shop window at number 14 on Calle O’Donnell –and are lured in by a space that emanates serenity and elegance, inviting them to explore the bulthaup world.

bulthaup o'donnell team
bulthaup b1 madrid o'donnell showroom

From white to gray

Up on the mezzanine, an island and a line of base and wall units jointly configure a complete b1 kitchen with a white finish. Downstairs, the airy ground floor features a counterposition of the two ends of the bulthaup spectrum. On the left, an essential kitchen embodies the basic point of departure for the brand, combining a line of b3 units equipped with storage space and a water point in a light grey flint laminate finish, with a b2 workbench featuring preparation and cooking areas. On the right-hand wall of the same central space, another bulthaup kitchen showcases the premium end of the brand’s spectrum, with preparation, cooking, and storage housed in a floating b3 design with a striking dark grey aluminum finish, complemented at the back of the showroom by a second line of b3 storage and appliance units with a warm natural oak veneer.

the bulthaup madrid o'donnell

A sweeping overview

At the center, across from the entrance, a bulthaup b2 kitchen tool cabinet acts as a link between the two poles of the broad range provided by the brand. Congratulations, bulthaup O’Donnell, for such a successful overview of the potential bulthaup has to offer.

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