The distinction of a monoblock in a bulthaup b3 kitchen

Lasered edges highlight the sculptural character of the central island in an architectural project in Seville

Lasered edges highlight the sculptural character of the central island in an architectural project in Seville

The central element in the kitchen designed by Francesc Rifé and bulthaup Marbella by the banks of the Guadalquivir river in Seville—a bulthaup b3 monoblock in matte white laminate—is particularly graceful due to the extraordinary treatment of its edges: with bulthaup’s laser welding technology, the seams are invisible, giving the impression that each piece has been made from a single mold. The resulting sculptural character further reinforces the appeal of an island which, merging the functions of cooking, preparing, and sharing, was already poised to become the heart of the open-plan central space in the home.

An exclusive bulthaup technology

The laser technology implemented to bind the laminate material joins surfaces and edges in such a way that renders the seams practically invisible. It also avoids the need for relatively short-lived adhesives that tend to yellow, revealing the passage of time. After the welding process, each edge is hand-polished to create a perfect finish. Careful craftsmanship is, once again, what makes a difference.

The monoblock’s versatility


The bulthaup b3 monoblock stems from a formal language that pares everything down to the essentials. Stripped of all superfluous details, it brings a variety of functions together into one sleek, aesthetically consistent unit. Custom built for each customer, each monoblock is a unique piece, produced to fulfill the user’s demands and adapt to the architectural conditions of its specific setting in order to merge harmoniously into the overall design.

In the case of the apartment in Seville, the owner wanted his guests to be comfortable when they sat around the open end of the monoblock, in chairs instead of stools, with a surface set at the height of a conventional dining table. The piece designed by bulthaup Marbella met his requirements entirely: now the after-dinner conversations can go on without anyone feeling the urge to rush off. Communication flows, as the surfaces flow in their sequence of functions, blurring the boundaries between preparing, cooking, eating, and sharing.


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