Nacho Porras, bulthaup partner in Marbella

Nacho Porras, our partner in Marbella, tells us how he came to bulthaup and how he views the brand’s values.

Nacho Porras, our partner in Marbella, tells us how he came to bulthaup and how he views the brand’s values.

What was your career path before bulthaup?

I studied law, but I never felt comfortable in that field. I had always been very active as a child; I could never sit still. I wanted to find a career that allowed me to channel all my energy instead of having to hold it back. When I finished my university studies, my first job at Bang & Olufsen was a wonderful experience in this respect. I ended up staying there for seven years as sales manager. I love interacting with people and selling them products which I really believe in.

How did your passion for bulthaup arise?

Do you remember your first encounter with the brand? Aside from having been a very active kid, I always had a certain aesthetic sense, and as I grew up, I developed an interest in good design. My first encounter with bulthaup was through its advertising: I have always been fascinated by its ads and its campaigns. Since it was a design-related brand, I followed it closely. But in fact, just like Bang & Olufsen, bulthaup came looking for me, not the other way around. That helped to create a very trusting relationship right from the start.


How does Marbella fit into the bulthaup brand values?

Not all our customers share our views; we work with 25 different nationalities. But within that group, there are a few who share our values, and, most importantly, every year there are more of them.

What is the determining factor for your customers to buy a bulthaup kitchen?

Our customers buy bulthaup because of its quality, design, and planning, in that order.


bulthaup showrrom in Marbella



Do you have a bulthaup kitchen in your home? What product did you choose, and why?

Bulthaup b3 in white laminate. You can’t go wrong with that choice. My daughters are still young and it’s a very sturdy material. Besides, from a distance you can’t even tell the difference between a bulthaup laminate and a lacquered finish.

What is your typical customer like, if there is such a thing?

Most are entrepreneurs. We have many people from tech companies now. The trends keep on changing; there’s not one standard type. What they do all have in common is that they’re very discriminating.

What is your typical project?

Do you mostly work with newly-built homes? Our projects are often villas or apartments. In terms of new construction versus renovation, there’s really a mix. I’d say about 50% of each.

The sales and installation process for a bulthaup kitchen requires a strong connection and affinity with the customer. Has that relationship ever turned into the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Some customers are more outgoing; others are more withdrawn. More than a friendship, I’d say I’ve felt affinities with some customers, people whose ideas and values are similar to ours. And what also develops is a relationship between the customers we gather at the showroom periodically for a live cooking event. New arrivals meet former customers who are loyal to bulthaup and it all contributes to reinforcing the brand.

bulthaup showroom in Marbella


What are the team dynamics in your showroom?

Each member is very independent; we all know our jobs very well. The team energy level peaks when we have customers visiting, particularly if they have flown in from abroad and are only here for a few days. We have to be very efficient with our timing.

How do you perceive the dynamics in the bulthaup partner network?

We have a very tight relationship within the partner network. Over the years, we have developed a community of mutual support and respect. We make up a very loyal group, and since there aren’t that many of us –23 altogether– we’re like a big family.

Which is the bulthaup line you sell most in your showroom?

The b3 system. The choices of materials vary according to current trends: what we sell most right now are matte lacquer and aluminum finishes, regardless of the size of the kitchen.

By the way, where did you get the name for your showroom, Panakuka?

Panakuka was my dog’s name. He was a wonderful American Cocker Spaniel. He’s not around any more, but we like to keep his name out there.

Have you designed a kitchen that you’re especially proud of?

There are several, but I’m particularly proud of those projects where customers come back to us for their holiday home or their new property. If a customer comes back for a second project, it means we have done more than a good job. We have managed to convey something more than selling a kitchen.

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