bulthaup at the heart of Santi Taura’s cuisine

Dins—inside—is the name of the inner sanctum of Santi Taura’s creative world. To reach the venue where the young Mallorcan chef develops his boldest, most sophisticated cuisine, you are invited to partake in a symbolic gesture of absolute trust: walking right through the kitchen of his Restaurante Santi Taura in the village of Lloseta. From there you step out into a large, open room, a former carpentry workshop in which Santi decided to pursue his own artisanal tradition, adapting the space so it would allow him to focus entirely on his culinary research. The idea was to develop and perfect his dishes and then prepare them before his guests’ eager eyes.

For the central element in the space, Santi chose the bulthaup b2 workbench: above all, because it offered him the ideal tool for his creative process—a compact island with flexible preparation and cooking areas that helped him in his quest for different textures, flavors and presentations.  

The gazes of all the guests, seated just a few meters away from the kitchen, focus on the bulthaup workbench where Taura and his close-knit team perform their near-alchemical ritual: it is the place where the chef lays out the fourteen dishes that make up an exceptional tasting menu, offering bold but wise combinations of ingredients drawn from the island’s traditional cuisine.

But there was also another aspect that Santi hardly ignored: the staging of the event, a key element for appealing to the emotional dimension of the culinary experience. And in this respect, the sleek aesthetics of the b2 workbench were outstandingly apt.

As an updated version of the country kitchens of times past, the modular structure of the bulthaup b2 workbench—equipped with a cooking hob, a wooden chopping block, a stainless steel frame and functional gaps on both ends for hanging kitchen utensils—is key for the event to come together. The guests seated at the two long tables in the open space can witness and share all the aspects and stages involved in the preparation, cooking, and presentation of the dishes, leading up to the unique experience of savoring the outcome. Such is the privilege of being invited all the way into the kitchen.

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