bulthaup atelier now open

Please make an appointment to stop by. We look forward to welcoming you!

Exterior view of bulthaup atelier Boston in beautiful Newbury Street building

bulthaup atelier now open

Please make an appointment to stop by. We look forward to welcoming you!

Welcome to bulthaup atelier, located on prestigious Newbury Street. bulthaup atelier is an intimate showroom with a studio style atmosphere where architects, interior designers, and everyone who appreciates premium kitchens can make an appointment and enjoy a visit.

bulthaup is a family owned business founded in 1949 and based in Germany. We design and manufacture premium, custom kitchens and living spaces for individual homes and commercial developments worldwide. Architecture, innovation and precision are hallmarks of the brand.



Portrait photo of designer Ellen Leslie

Ellen Leslie


View of bulthaup atelier with b Solitaire table and bench leading the viewer to the cozy sofa area that is lit naturally by large windows.
View of bulthaup b Solitaire Oak positioned next to b3 island, with floating shelves gracing functional wall in the background.
Another view of b3 island, floating shelves and bulthaup b Solitaire table in the distance.
View of bulthaup atelier rear b3 kitchen combined seamlessly with work area for the designer.
bulthaup designer, Ellen Leslie, at work on a project's plans.


Chef and guests enjoy conversation as food is prepared
Detail of collection of sketches, photos and material samples in bulthaup b Solitaire Glass
Guests enjoying the view and sunset out on the balcony
Guests enjoying the collection in the bulthaup b Solitaire
Designer Ellen Leslie showing a guest materials from the bulthaup b Solitaire

bulthaup atelier Opening Party

September 18, 2018

A new concept for our presence in Boston, bulthaup atelier, opened with clients and friends in happy attendance. Designer Ellen Leslie curated the atelier creation story for the b Solitaire Glass and it drew people’s attention as Ellen recounted some of the tales behind bringing this warm and intimate space to life. The rainy day closed with a gorgeous sunset and guests enjoying the view from the atelier’s balcony.
Photography: Damian Hickey

Chef arm with sleeve tattoo preparing a dish at b3 island.

Every kitchen should tell a story.

Our displays are designed not only to look good, but also to perform. We host large events and intimate dinner parties with top chefs in the showroom - to demonstrate the authenticity and sensuality of our kitchens, and more importantly to provide a place where you can feel at home.

Architect Jeremiah Eck in front of his first slide of the evening: a drawing by a child as introduction to his talk on “Why Art Matters.”
Jeremiah Eck and view of a very attentive audience in the showroom.
View through showroom window from the outside of guests listening and watching.
Eck’s paintings on tabletop easels and guests happily chatting and sipping wine.
Detail of the gifts for everyone who attended the event: bulthaup cherry wood spatulas tied to compliment cards with a lovely brown ribbon.
Detail of one of the delicious appetizers served at the event.

Why art matters

Presentation with Architect Jeremiah Eck - April 12, 2017

Why art matters

Presentation with Architect Jeremiah Eck - April 12, 2017

Architect Jeremiah Eck makes sure to take time out now in his busy schedule to more fully explore his other oeuvre: plein air painting. bulthaup Boston guests most thoroughly enjoyed his sharing of thoughts, philosophy and works of both painting and architecture in his presentation “Why Art Matters: Painting in Architecture.” It is true that getting out into nature and mindful observation are critical to well-being and reinvigoration of all other aspects of one’s life. On this evening, everyone took time out to share a glass of wine, delicious food, and inspiration.

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bulthaup Boston

138 Newbury Street 4th Floor

Boston MA 02116


Tel.: +1 857 331 4483

Web: boston.bulthaup.com

Email: boston@bulthaup.com

Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation

By appointment only

Note to architects and interior designers: If you're planning on visiting the showroom with clients, we recommend making an appointment to ensure a member of our design team is available to answer all of your questions.


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