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For Marc O. Eckert, life has a lot to do with mental well-being. With his kitchens, he wants to create the conditions for extraordinary moments.

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Milan 20242024-05-13T15:26:00+02:00

bulthaup inspires with new concepts to experience spaces differently.

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bulthaup b Solitaire – Table and bench2024-05-02T14:20:02+02:00

We chat, we laugh, we enjoy. The table is the heart of our home life as well as of bulthaup b Solitaire.

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bulthaup b Solitaire – Material and Processing in Detail2024-05-02T14:33:04+02:00

The individual elements reflect all the values that have characterized bulthaup for decades: The special symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and perfect engineering, and the choice and processing of fine and sophisticated materials, complemented by the many years of experience of bulthaup’s experts.

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bulthaup b Solitaire – Cut outs2024-05-02T14:21:25+02:00

An open, matt-black aluminum frame in three sizes provides the basis for the bulthaup b Solitaire. On this platform, you can orchestrate change to satisfy future desires and requirements. Thus, the b Solitaire is combined with various top layers and pieces of equipment to become a lifelong companion.

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bulthaup b Solitaire2024-05-02T14:31:32+02:00

bulthaup b Solitaire represents the entire living space. The b Solitaires give space for flexibility, but can also be integrated as familiar elements. They accompany and grow with people along their journey throughout life.

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bulthaup b3 – Design freedom for all living spaces2024-05-02T14:18:18+02:00

bulthaup b3 is a fascinating multi-functional kitchen and living space system with a diverse range of layout options and freedom of design – whether as a puristic kitchen island or a space-maximizing functional wall, whether floating or floor-standing. The owner stands in the foreground surrounded by a living space that matches his needs and desires for somewhere to feel at home and have fun.

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bulthaup b2 – Three elements combine to create a kitchen workshop2024-05-02T14:16:57+02:00

bulthaup b2 offers an extraordinary perspective on kitchens and space and creates an unmistakable atmosphere with its unique combination of kitchen workbench, kitchen tool cabinet and kitchen appliance housing cabinet: Elemental and clear in its form, rational and practical in its function.

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bulthaup communication – The hub of communication for hours spent together2024-05-02T14:15:38+02:00

bulthaup communication relates to the time spent together around the table – be it eating, drinking, or simply getting together with family and friends. bulthaup tables and benches complement bulthaup systems to create a personalized atmosphere inviting to linger and relax.

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bulthaup accessoires – The eye-catching, practical companion for your kitchen2024-05-02T13:46:30+02:00

bulthaup accessoires are attractive, eye-catching pieces for kitchens and living rooms – the perfect way to bring yourself and others joy. Through their clear design and technically precise production, the accessories are beautifully crafted down to the smallest detail. Flexible and efficient, the right accessory simplifies and enhances everyday work in the kitchen.

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bulthaup History – A future needs a past2024-05-02T13:44:57+02:00

Bulthaup, an independent family business, is deeply rooted in its history beginning in 1949. Right from the very start, bulthaup has been synonymous with uncompromising quality, a passion for meticulous attention to detail, high ethical standards while working with premium materials, and values such as craftsmanship and design. Even in times of rapid change, bulthaup has remained a company that sees itself as a place of constant questioning and insatiable curiosity.

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