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Utensil insert

What should you do with all those little, loose items that simply lie around in pull-outs? Perfect for all sorts of utensils, the elegant, ergonomically designed, stainless steel inserts with leather linings provide the answer. But they do more than simply aid organization. They serve as dividers in the prism structure, and can be filled with fine delights or luxury writing materials to add a special touch to any table.

Die Schalen sind aus Edelstahl, die Einlage aus vegetabil gegerbtem, dunkelbraunem Rinderleder.

The inserts are available in two lengths and two heights.


Dimensions W × D × H
26,0 × 9,5 × 3,1 cm

Dimensions W × D × H
26,0 × 9,5 × 4,9 cm

Dimensions W × D × H
18,5 x 9,5 x 3,1 cm


Dimensions W × D × H
18,5 × 9,5 × 4,9 cm