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Moments meet human essence.

A film about a place to share passions, be yourself and connect with the moment.

Architecture and functionality

An integrally considered system

Understanding people, their individual needs, and the architecture of the room, a unique kitchen architecture system emerges: A kitchen architecture designed to make life easier.


Perfection comes from craftsmanship

bulthaup starts where machines leave off. People are able to create things that even the most sophisticated technology cannot: Material authenticity that can be experienced with all of the senses.

Research and development

Consistency is rooted in experience

For almost 70 years, bulthaup has been developing products for people. Combining engineering skill with aesthetics, we create kitchen and living spaces that offer long-term functionality and design.


Retaining the proven, inventing anew

Tradition and a past mean not just preserving values, but also constantly evolving. Evolution for the demands of the future.

Milan 2018

Reflection on the Essentials

With the b.architecture overall room concept and a reinterpretation of the bulthaup b3 island, bulthaup is recapturing the essentials: The real moments in life, the sense of togetherness and the living habits and needs of people. Cooking becomes an act of communication.

Milan 2016

The view of the beholder determines everything

To mark the international furniture fair in Milan, bulthaup showcases three systems that allow people to create personal and distinct settings.

b3 kitchen: elegant design, which fits seamlessly into the open-plan living space Link: b3 design principles and components

Freedom to design

bulthaup b3 is as individual as you are

b2 kitchen workshop comprising workbench, tool cabinet, and equipment cabinet. Link: Orderliness and manageability with the components of b2

Kitchen workshop

With bulthaup b2, three elements become one kitchen

b1 kitchen: purism in white, arranged for the essentials. Link: Ergonomics and function of b1


bulthaup b1 represents a focus on the essentials

b Solitaire glass – the place for your personal items. Link: b Solitaire: Shelves, tables, and benches for the most precious moments

bulthaup b Solitaire

Elements for the entire living space

Furniture to promote sharing stories and special moments. Link: Tables and benches for special moments.

Time around the table

bulthaup communication offers an invitation to enjoy
Elegant accessories such as salt and pepper shakers. Link: Quality kitchen tools with character

Practical companion

bulthaup accessories make a kitchen your kitchen

You have to experience our products for yourself to get a real sense of how special they are. We invite you to visit a bulthaup dealer near you.