Create your own organizational system

bulthaup b3 makes organization easy. It ensures everything is at hand when you need it. Everything is easily found in the place you chose for it to go. You can create your very own organizational system in drawers and pull-outs with functional prisms and flexible equipment elements. You can also design the wall panels entirely in line with your preferences. You can affix functional elements to them that help you to keep kitchen utensils and equipment perfectly organized and available.

Drawers and pull-outs

Beautiful through and through

For people to fully enjoy their kitchens, beauty and quality must go hand in hand. The beauty of b3 continues on the inside, with drawers and pull-outs in three designs: Steel, aluminum, and wood; the wood version’s finger joint connection is a triumph of visual and craftsmanship excellence.

Functional Prisms

As flexible as your needs

With prisms, you can custom-equip drawers to make them smarter. Use wood, plastic, or stainless steel, depending on your personal taste. You can structure your drawer with the freely movable dividers. Change the design every day according to your preferences or your evolving repertoire of tools.

Equipment elements

A place for every utensil

The inner workings of a kitchen says a lot about the personality as well as the cooking and eating habits of its user. As people’s lifestyles change, so too does the equipment in their kitchen. bulthaup b3 offers the perfect storage space for every modification, ensuring that users can access their personal utensils easily whenever they need them, be it a collection of herbs and spices, the knife block, or a foil roll holder.

Functional elements

Within easy reach

The panel wall provides the perfect opportunity to equip the kitchen with functions that you need immediately and often. Objects and tools can be arranged on the wall so that they’re always at hand. The position of the functional elements can easily be changed.

To discover the variety of equipment options that bulthaup b3 offers. We would love for you to visit us at a showroom near you.