Freedom to design
bulthaup b3 is as individual as you are

bulthaup b3 gives you the freedom to let your design ideas and dreams be fully realized. You can create your living space with a variety of hand-selected materials that match the character of the space and the people that live in it. Hand finished forms harmonize with human ergonomics and the surrounding architecture. b3’s precisely engineered functionality works simply and perfectly. This freedom of design continues right down to the finest kitchen detail.

Multi-function wall

Where space and furniture combine

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. The multi-function wall creates storage space, supports functions such as the water point, and connects the furniture with the room; this spatial connection is tangible when the wall supports hanging elements. The result is the appearance of a floating kitchen.


A centerpoint of communication

The island allows people to move freely around and within the room. It becomes the center of communication, of shared cooking and enjoyment. There are floor-standing and foot-supported versions available to suit every aesthetic taste and personal circumstances.

The floor-standing island looks sculptural in the room and offers its user an abundance of storage space.

Foot-supported elements can accommodate any weight with ease. The island shares b3’s aesthetic sense of lightness.


Passion for authenticity

bulthaup materials are exactly what they look like, smell like, and feel like. Whether it be century-old bog oak, through-dyed laminate, or surfaces with multiple layers of lacquer, every texture and finish is individually accomplished by craftsmen. As a result, each b3 is unique.

Forms and functions

Everything is where you need it to be

You will be comfortable in your bulthaup b3 kitchen from the very first moment. This is because you’ve positioned all the functions yourself. Storage, preparation and cooking will be the ultimate of simplicity and convenience. The b3 creates the perfect balance between form and function.


Create your own organizational system

The kitchen is a place where people feel at home. It’s where they cook, come alive, and work with their hands and the right tools. It’s essential that kitchen utensils and ingredients are close by. You have the freedom to arrange these just the way you want.

Experience the design freedom bulthaup b3 has to offer at a showroom near you. See the products up close and find out what makes them so special.