Forms and functions
Everything is where you need it to be

Form and function merge to create a single entity in bulthaup products. Both their design and utility are tailored to the individual. Adapted accurately to the personal processes of the user, a bulthaup kitchen environment makes the work easier, whether it is about creating storage space, preparing and serving dishes, or working around the water point and cooktop. The end result is an overall better quality of life.


Create space where you need it

Storage space is one of the most important requirements of any kitchen. Optimized storage space makes efficient use of the room available, and it needs to be flexible and convenient for the user. Consequently, it is arranged to precisely match the way you work. You may want to display personal objects openly or hide them away behind closed doors. Either way, the bulthaup aesthetic ensures that all your items are beautifully presented, concealed inside or out on view.

Pocket door unit

Perfectly designed in every way

Aesthetics and functionality are beautifully balanced in this unit. The doors are solid and heavy, and yet simple and light to operate. The alignment fitting ensures a perfect door reveal, even after many years of use. Kitchen utensils and electrical appliances can be stowed away perfectly behind the closed doors.


The ideal place for personal items

Solid can be so very light. The 10 mm-thick shelves literally make objects look like they’re floating: objects that you have lovingly curated and want to have around you. Aesthetically, the b3 shelf is designed so there are no visible seams to interrupt the visual presentation. Indeed, the shelf emerges elegantly out from the panel wall.

Sectional shutter

For a harmonious front line

To ensure that small appliances do not waste valuable space, they can be given their own garage. With the shutter open, they are within easy reach whenever you need them. They can also be just as easily shut away. When closed, the sectional shutter naturally blends in with the kitchen’s overall appearance. It is available in aluminum or various colors of laminate.

Function boxes

Gain additional storage space

In the b3, you can also use the wall space in front of you to store things, thanks to function boxes. You decide how to put this additional storage space to use. Options include elements such as the knife block, chopping board, or mixer faucet. Whatever solution you prefer, every function box includes embedded light fixtures.

Preparing and cooking

Design your workstation

bulthaup creates the ideal conditions for you to work, so that you can focus on the joy of cooking. In your kitchen, you will spend many happy years carefully preparing ingredients and handling objects that are sometimes scalding hot or freezing cold. When it comes to working in the kitchen, two things matter: The high quality of the surfaces and the right lighting.


The answer to your needs

The work area is the most rigorously used part of the kitchen. All of the materials used in the worktop are able to withstand the demands of everyday cooking: They are immune to pressure and shocks, as well as heat. The worktop is also coordinated from an aesthetic perspective with the b3 fronts and side panels.


Light, where and how you need it

The right lighting is a crucial requirement if your labors in the kitchen are to be a success. It’s essential when working. While you spend time together around the table, light creates a relaxed ambiance and bathes the living space in atmospheric hues. You can use lighting however you like to enhance your cooking and dining experience.

Water point

A unique system offering new opportunities

Washing hands, cleaning and chopping vegetables, washing dishes – with the right equipment, the sink becomes a multi-functional workstation. bulthaup has developed its own solutions for this vital part of the kitchen which, with integrated cutting boards and colanders, has convenient additional work surfaces. The versatile scheme of mixer faucet and sinks of varying widths with optional functional flat basins, is very flexible and coordinates with human ergonomics. This holistically thought-out modular system makes everyday work much easier.

Mixer faucet

Perfect fusion of form and function

With the bulthaup mixer faucet, you can control the flow and temperature of the water quite easily with your arm or just one hand, even if you’re holding a heavy pan in your hands. There are various options for positioning the mixer faucet: On the worktop, straight out of the wall, or out of the function box. The mixer faucet is positioned so that even tall pots can be filled with water.

Functional flat basin

Preparing made easy

The functional flat basin makes more out of a water point. It is integrated flush into the worktop and can be equipped in a variety of ways. Elements for insertion such as colanders, and cutting elements such as the cutting board complement the water point. The functional board becomes a carrier for a range of different elements and is a convenient extension to the work area.

Discover the variety of form and function that bulthaup b3 has to offer. We would love for you to visit us at a showroom near you.