Kitchen tool cabinet
All of the tools needed at hand

Everything you need in full view. The bulthaup b2 kitchen tool cabinet follows precisely this organizational principle of a craftsman’s tool cabinet. To determine what a kitchen’s essential “tools” are, a design group emptied a conventional kitchen, then selected and reassembled the most necessary tools to determine the perfect storage space required of the b2 cabinet to store everything you use regularly: pots, pans, and kitchen utensils, as well as crockery. All of the cabinet’s contents are in clear view, at hand, and in exactly their intended place.

Single design

Maximum space with a tiny footprint

The kitchen tool cabinet is also available with a single design. The narrow kitchen tool cabinet – just like the double version – can be optionally equipped with an additional aluminum frame. This can be loaded with spice jars, food containers, and a shelf for storing vinegar and oil.

Storage space

For clarity and order

The smart compaction of the storage space makes pull-outs and drawers superfluous. Slatted shelves made from solid maple wood and insertable aluminum shelves give the cabinet structure and order. The result is visual finesse, both inside and out.


Value in details

Just as tools, equipment, and materials can be stored in the craftsman’s cabinet, the b2 cabinet accommodates all things culinary. The doors offer the perfect depth for storing glasses and other gastronomic utensils.

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