Forms and functions
Coming together to create a single unit

The fundamental principle of minimalism is the delicate balance of what is necessary and what is not. This is also the essence of bulthaup b1 where the simple geometric use of form and carefully thought-out functions are inextricably linked to create a sense of elegant equilibrium. Proper proportions and carefully considered material thicknesses create a kitchen that is pleasantly tactile and visually striking. 

A unique handle system

The angled front as a handle

Touch is essential to how we understand the world. The soft chamfered edges of the b1 cabinet are pleasing to the fingertips, and the angled handles and perfect recess height guarantee an ergonomic experience when opening pull-outs, drawers, and doors. This running handle edge also emphasizes the pure horizontal structure of b1.


Concise design

Proportionally coordinated with the overall appearance of bulthaup b1, the worktop forms a solid base for the sink and cooktop. The cooktop can be fully integrated into the 6 cm-thick worktop without sacrificing any of the storage space underneath. Material choices for the worktop are laminate and stainless steel.

Water point

Efficient and practical

While developing the water point, every effort was made to make your work in the kitchen easier. The mixer faucet, developed especially by bulthaup, can be operated with just one hand. To clean fruit and vegetables even more effortlessly, you can add an additional sieve.

Bar top

A place for gathering

A cappuccino in the morning, a quick lunch at midday, a relaxed drink before dinner in the evening: The bar top is always a welcoming place. It's a place where people come together to enjoy themselves and to chat. The bar top, made from solid ash or walnut, is always the perfect invitation to linger.


Open or closed storage space

With sliding doors made from translucent white glass, the shelf is compelling and attractive as well as a simple and efficient storage space solution. Through the interplay of open and closed volumes, the choice of what you wish to hide or display is entirely yours, giving your kitchen a new look, time and again.

Witness the merging of forms and functions in bulthaup b1 at a showroom near you.