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Illustration by Francesco Tristano and Filipa Fortunato

A new year begins. What better way to find inspiration than to turn to pianist and composer Francesco Tristano and to Filipa Fortunato, who runs Casa Fortunato in Lisbon (and about whom we will soon have more news on our blog) regarding their overview of last year and their hopes and plans for the year ahead.

Francesco Tristano:

2019 was the year of my album release: I felt very lucky to present the live show in such different places as Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam and Moscow. We like to think of an album as a product carved in stone, but for me it is pretty much the contrary: a work in progress. Once the music is recorded, it will develop, morph, when it is performed live.

During my travels last year I had the pleasure of tasting some incredible food, both street and high end. In my case, this is just as important as the concerts –discover and explore the local foods.

Francesco Tristano in one of his concerts

What will 2020 bring? New experiences, new foods –no doubt. The Tokyo Stories campaign will follow, and I will make a version for piano and symphony orchestra. The premiere is scheduled for June in Hong Kong –needless to say, I am already looking forward to Dim Sum and Cantonese cuisine.

In the summer I will be performing in a few techno festivals. Until then I will continue to practice the piano. That, just like cooking, is a daily task. I am planning to perform the Bach English Suites next season. These scores need to be prepared with great diligence, and I am already at it.

Inspiration –as Tchaikovsky said– is very much overrated. Get up in the morning, and start work –that’s the way to do it. I couldn’t agree more, but I’d add one little detail: bring on the espresso. There isn’t a start of a day without it.

Francesco Tristano in a bulthaup kitchen


Filipa Fortunato:

My thoughts about 2019 and my projects and resolutions for 2020:
2019 was a year of discoveries, where time and dedication were our daily masters.

We discovered our new lifestyle as hosts, discovering beauty and people at Casa Fortunato, our guest house and our own home.



Filipa Fortunato smiling

We discovered marvelous guests, marvelous partners, beautiful friendships and most of all, I discovered that I am blessed having such a wonderful family, supporting me and my dreams.

I discovered that my four children are heroes who had the strength and the courage to join me and my husband, my dearest Antonio, who walks with me side by side making our dreams come true. It all makes me feel very grateful.

Filipa Fortunato with her family

All these discoveries need a big investment of time and dedication, which are synonymous for me. Believing that time is a precious gift, in 2020 I want to have time to share with and devote to those I love. Time and dedication to my life, family, friends, partners, and guests. Time to enjoy all that we have achieved until now.

Time to be!

Photographer: Adrian Pedrazas Profumo

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