bulthaup b Solitaire entre el verdor

b Solitaire at the Bornay space

b Solitaire at the Bornay space

Last March 8th, close to fifty people, including renowned professionals from the areas of architecture, interior design, journalism and communication, gathered at the Bornay space, located in the heart of the Sants neighborhood in Barcelona. They had been invited to attend the formal presentation for the Iberian peninsula of bulthaup's latest contribution to the reinterpretation of domestic life in the 21st century.

Artisanal tradition and cutting-edge technology


A single bulthaup banner hanging on the front wall of an old factory building signaled the meeting point. After crossing the doorway in the nondescript façade, the guests were astonished to discover a unique arrangement of b Solitaire furniture against the backdrop of the stark 19th-century factory.


In the open loft space with walls and arches made of aged brick and a wood-beam roof structure, translucent ceiling panels forming a huge skylight, and an earthen floor, six b Solitaire tables had been set out in a single row. The absence of tablecloths highlighted the extraordinary quality and finish of the solid oak wood; the tables were flanked by their corresponding benches covered with natural leather cushions. Around this centerpiece, a series of b Solitaire oak, glass, and shelf units inhabited by miscellaneous objects—a collection of vintage cameras, a liquor cabinet, the DJ's equipment—surrounded by lush vegetation topped off an environment reminiscent of a large communal table straight out of a 16th-century Flemish painting.

While they sipped a welcome drink, the guests exchanged the latest news, gathering in circles; some, cell phone in hand, took pictures of the unique space around them.

Marc O. Eckert Bulthaup's presentation

Right after the appetizers, bulthaup CEO and Managing Director Marc O. Eckert Bulthaup—the grandson of the company's founder—presented the new generation of bulthaup furniture: b Solitaire. Mr. Eckert made an impassioned defense of the underlying focus that has always inspired the brand: people and their need for social contact. He also emphasized the new furniture's extraordinary flexibility, giving free rein to individual creativity while also allowing users to venture beyond the borders of the kitchen.

A meal among friends

In this atmosphere of relaxed company, the jovial chef Nandu Jubany, justly awarded a Michelin star, served an essentially Mediterranean menu. The wines from the Terra Alta and Montsant regions elicited conviviality, crossing conversations, and exclamations of praise for the dishes. An outstanding experience for the senses.

The pleasure of sharing

That was how all those present were able to have a first-hand experience of the philosophy behind the b Solitaire—the fundamental notion that the best moments are those we share as a community, sitting around a table, enjoying a wonderful meal and a meaningful conversation.

At the end of the presentation, the guests received a bulthaup bag with the bulthaup b Solitaire book and a delicately wrapped tillandsia. A handwritten label summed up b Solitaire's openness to creativity: "Pensamientos danzando en el aire", thoughts dancing in the air.

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