Creativity and passion, a bulthaup evening with Francesco Tristano

The pianist and composer Francesco Tristano delighted us with an exclusive concert for bulthaup

Creativity and passion came together last November 8th at a bulthaup event held at Flowers by Bornay in Barcelona, much to the admiration and enjoyment of a small group of the brand's customers and friends.

At the austere former industrial space brimming with huge plants and hundreds of lit candles, on an earthen floor, the folding chairs had been placed in a semicircle to accommodate the guests for an evocative and inspiring musical evening.

The protagonist, in addition to Francesco Tristano, was a great black grand piano

At the center of the space stood a large black grand piano. Everything was ready for the performance of an outstanding figure in the contemporary music scene–the young pianist and composer Francesco Tristano.

Francesco Tristano, like bulthaup, wisely combines the latest trends with tradition

Francesco Tristano, a multifaceted artist

Tristano, much like bulthaup, combines a full awareness of the latest trends with his knowledge of tradition, alternately playing works by great musicians of the past such as Bach, Frescobaldi, Buxtehude, Ravel, or Stravinsky with his own compositions inspired by contemporary jazz and electronic music.

Tristano combined own pieces with others from the classical repertoire

On the stage, the pianist exhibited his extraordinary musicianship in a program that alternated his own pieces with others from the classical repertoire, revealing both his unique sensibility and his compelling rhythmic power.

The audience listened in silence to all the pieces by Francesco Tristano

The audience listened in almost religious silence to the artist's wanderings through harmonies, crescendos, rhythmic repetitions and striking finales. It was a gift to the ears and an invitation to be carried off down the twisting paths of the artist's creative world.

After the concert it was time for the appetizers created by Nandu Jubany

Syncretism in Jubany's appetizers

After the concert, it was time for the appetizers created by Nandu Jubany. A syncretic and plentiful cascade of gastronomic sensations unfolded before us: Spritz pearls, New York Times beef tartare, zucchini and king crab cannelloni, mimetic cherries with foie, duck à l'orange dumplings, or autumn mushroom omelets, among many others. And last but not least, the desserts: frozen lemon lime and yin-yang with cheesecake and Nutella.

When it seemed that the event was coming to an end, Francesco Tristano gave away a farewell piece.

A delightful surprise

When it seemed as though the event was coming to a close, Francesco Tristano offered the group a last-minute gift. A few of the guests were already saying their goodbyes when the pianist sat down at the piano again. An expectant silence fell over the room and the artist began to play. Again, music filled the space, this time with Tristano's own compositions, in which delicate, intimate passages alternated with unabashedly rhythmic, at times percussive sections.

It was a culminating finale for a memorable evening, from which we all parted with smiles on our faces and a dreamy air about us. bulthaup had succeeded in bringing together, once again and in the company of an extraordinary artist, the pleasures that make life worth living.

If you’re intrigued by this artist, you’ll soon be finding out more about him.

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