The 2020 “bulthaup | the kitchen as a living space” competition

In the same spirit as previous years, the seventh edition of the “bulthaup | the kitchen as a living space” prize aims to highlight projects by architects and designers based in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra in which bulthaup plays a leading role.

The bulthaup competition

We are seeking projects carried out in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra over the last five years which convey our brand’s values: creativity, attention to detail, and an aesthetic conception. The winner will receive a cash prize of €3,000.

In addition to these values associated with the brand, the jury panel will assess the way the bulthaup kitchen is placed within the architectural setting as the heart of the home; the timeless union of functionality, formal perfection, and economy; the aesthetic qualities and sensuality of the chosen materials; a functional design devoid of superfluous ornaments; and an overall approach to the living space that revolves around the kitchen.

Terms and conditions

We are seeking projects involving bulthaup b1, b2 and b3 kitchen that were carried out in Spain, Portugal, and Andorra by architects and designers either individually or in collaboration with other professionals.

Applications must be submitted between August 24th and October 16th, 2020, at bulthaup Iberia. If you believe your project is in keeping with our values and meets our requirements, please check our legal terms for further information about the terms and conditions governing the competition.

Members of the jury panel for the “bulthaup | the kitchen as a living space” competition

The jury panel for the 2020 bulthaup award includes the following members:


Sandra Soler, interior designer

Nicola Tremacoldi, architect

Victor García, architect

Jordi Argemí, bulthaup Andorra

Fernanda Mendonça, bulthaup Lisbon

Ivan Cuní, bulthaup Iberia

Previous editions

Utility value, design quality, and the kitchen’s integration in the overall space have been recurrent features in all past projects submitted to the bulthaup competition, which is holding its sixth edition this year.

Last year, the prize went to the project by Sandra Soler, while the previous year it went to the studio Vilablanch. If you believe your project may fit into the competition guidelines and share our values, go ahead and submit your entry!

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