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It’s the time to inhabit the kitchen, because during this period of reclusion, there is no better place for getting together, sipping a cup of tea, sharing recipes, telling each other anecdotes and sharing memories.

Francesco Tristano concert organized by bulthaup

Music within the light: a concert by Francesco Tristano

The concert, attended by a small group of bulthaup customers and friends, unfolded in a seductive, ongoing flow, a monologue full of contrasts...

Bulthaup event in Mallorca

Gazing out to the Bay of Palma

The event, organized by bulthaup Iberia, was to be held again at the Architects’ Association building, a magnificent seventeenth-century palace...

Otl Aicher smoking


They have climbed up the spire of the main church in Ulm, the tallest gothic building in the world. The foehn is blowing and the air is crystal clear...

bulthaup foundation

bulthaup: the value of timelessness

The origins of the extraordinary entrepreneurial and creative venture of the bulthaup brand date back to 1949, when Martin Bulthaup established the...

Creativity and passion, a bulthaup evening with Francesco Tristano

Creativity and passion came together last November 8th at a bulthaup event held in Barcelona with the pianist Francesco Tristano.

bulthaup b Solitaire entre el verdor

Close to fifty people gathered at the Bornay space in Barcelona to attend the formal presentation for the Iberian peninsula of bulthaup b Solitaires.